Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting the hang of things

Well, I think I am finally getting the hang of posting to the blog AND growing my orchid babies!  I had a couple of new bloomers this past weekend, and got some delicious pictures to post.

The biggest challenge for me right now is keeping the greenhouse warm enough without blowing up my electric bill.  Its been cold here, people!  I mean, very un-California-like weather.  If I don't turn the heater on, the greenhouse can dip down into the 40's, and that's not going to help any of the plants.  My husband bought me a solar pool cover (its kind of like really heavy bubble wrap), and it keeps the temps from dropping too low, but I can't cover the doorway with it because I wouldn't be able to get in without making a mess of things, so he used some regular bubble wrap and insulated the doorway with that.

I've been able to turn the heater off during the day, but even then the temps drop to the mid-to-high 50's in the front of the greenhouse while the back stays in the 60's.  This created another situation, because the back was cooler than the front for the first few months so I put all of the cooler growers back there.  Now I had to move a few to the front and some of the ones in front had to move to the back.  Its a dance, but one I will gladly participate in, because I am really loving this little hobby of mine.

I've got spikes and new growth going on all over the place, and I think in the spring it will be beautiful in there.

So, I'll post my newest bloomers now.  First up, the Oncidium Charlesworthii

Angraecum didieri

This is the Cochlioda vulcanica that was opening when I last posted.  I love this one!!  Pink is one of my favorite colors, and the blooms are so delicate looking.

There's more coming, so I'll be back soon with more pictures!  Until then, Happy Growing!


  1. Hey Brigitte,
    So glad to hear you're having a hoot. You're battling with keeping things warm, I'm trying to stop things from cooking. It's been scorching hot over hear and have been misting almost constantly. The cooler growers aren't very happy, but by jove the warmer growers are LOVING it :)

  2. Hi:) Brigitte :) really enjoyed reading, learning, from you. your photos are awesome. so jealous of your loverly greenhouse. Thanks for sharing, Peace, Mimi :)

  3. I know there are roof top windows for your greenhouse and the auto window openers really do work very well. Hows about adding sheets of styrofoam or some type of pink panther foam layers? something you could roll out .

  4. Thanks Michael and MiMi. To MiMi, my husband bought a solar pool cover - its like heavy bubble wrap - to cover the greenhouse with, and we cut slits where the auto vents are. Then, we took regular greenhouse grade bubble wrap and covered the doorway area on the inside and along the walls. I got a thermostat to regulate the heat better, and it seems to be doing fine. We'll see how the electric bill changes next month. :-)