Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Now that Thanksgiving is over...

I was able to get back into the greenhouse and take care of some serious business.  There was a show in S.B. by the Orchid Society of S.B. that my OS as invited to do a display table for.  I sent up a few plants for the display, since this is kind of a down time for most orchids and they needed a boost.

I was told there wouldn't be any judging, but when Rich from my OS brought my plants back, my Prosthechea Green Hornet 'ISO' had a 3rd place ribbon on it!!  Woo hoo!!  This is my first ribbon ever, and I hope the first of many more to come.  I think I"m getting a little bit good at this orchid growing stuff, and a lot of my babies are rewarding me for taking such good care of them.

Since my last orchid post, I've had a couple more bloomers:

This is Bulbophyllum longissimum.  The bloom were 9.5 inches long!  Here's a shot of the top:

I had another one that had started a spike, but then the whole spike, along with a new growth, turned brown and dried up on me.  Hmmm, the plant is in a tray that sits in water, so it didn't dry up...gonna have to watch that one.

This is the second bloom on my Phalaenopsis bellina.  I love this one, because it smells so good!
This one had a much better form than the first one, so I hope subsequent blooms will get even better.  I repotted this one, as I noticed quite a few dried up roots that needed to be trimmed off, and a couple of slugs have been lurking in a couple of my pots.

Here is Mama's little winner with its ribbon:

This Cymbidium belonged to my mom.  She got it from George Hatfield when my husband and I took her with us to check out his greenhouses.  Its called Hungarian Rapsody #2

Brassavola nodosa, called the Lady of the Night because its scent come out when the sun goes down.  Something munched on half of the bloom, but there are two more coming, so hopefully they will be intact.

The whole plant on its mount

and finally, Ascocentrum pumilum.  I got this one almost exactly a year ago, and its a cutie.  A micro-mini, it takes up very little space in the greenhouse.  I think I'm going to have to look for a few more of this genus.

So, that's it for now.  I have a lot of spikes coming in - the Twinkle 'Pink Profusion' is starting to open now, so I should have some new pictures to post in a couple of weeks.

Until then....Happy Growing!!

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  1. WOW, you've had a busy time, and a very hearty congratulations on the ribbon. At the first show I participated in I nearly fainted, I got a first in both the classes that I entered as well as a 2nd and a 3rd in one of those classes. I think that flowers are the sign of a good job growing them, but to get a ribbon, that's just like getting the best sign of approval, and it's so exciting to get one too.

    I love the bulbo. longissimum, I bought one, which then fell into 3 peices and they are amazing when they flower with about 3 spikes each, it's just a pitty that to me they smell like an unclean urinal :( BLURGH ;)

    I love your Ascocentrum pumilum, I'll have to get one. I have an ascocentrum miniatum, it's not as small as your asco, but it's still a nice plant :) you'll have to pop past either Geeks or my blog to see photos :)

    oh and you'll love the Twinkle 'Pink Profussion', it really is quite the profussion of pink flowers :)

    well, I'd best get my blog post done for the day so i can go to bed.

    Nighty night Brigitte :)

    Happy Gardening,